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In Loving Memory of Magnus Rostadmo


My dear first cousin Magnus was a composer and musician. One and a half years ago, a great sadness was brought upon the whole family and friends when Magnus unexpectedly left us. He would have been 38 years old on Sunday 29th November 2015 - in his honour, his nearest family and I want to share some of his beautiful music with you.


Magnus composed and performed Til Hilde for his sister’s wedding in Tromsø, and it is one of the most beautiful melodies ever written. The music shows what a big heart Magnus always had for those around him and in general. Ådne Svalastog and I played it at his funeral, and I will never forget the love and sorrow from the overfilled church. We returned to the church before Christmas and recorded Til Hilde once again, to share with everyone.


Magnus worked together with some of the best singers and musicians. He composed a duet with Espen Lind, Where the Lost Ones Go, first performed by Sissel and Espen Lind, and later Sarah Brigthman and Paul Stanley. Magnus also composed You and I with Minnie Oh, and performed with Girl Happy, Smoke Mohawk and Andrew WKYou can read his discography here.


Magnus, we will always remember you.


Henning Kraggerud

Magnus' Music


Til Hilde (Henning Kraggerud and Ådne Svalastog)

You and I (Minnie Oh)

Til Hilde - Magnus Rostadmo
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Til Hilde

Where the Lost Ones Go (Sissel and Espen Lind)

Where the Lost Ones Go (Sarah Brightman and Paul Stanley)

Last Ones Sissel

The Last Leaf - Magnus in Memoriam

by Henning Kraggerud



I composed "The Last Leaf” - Magnus in Memoriam in remembrance of my late cousin Magnus Rostadmo. As he would have turned 38 years old on Sunday 29th November 2015, I wanted to share this music with you, performed here by the Arctic Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra with me on solo violin. It was originally premiered with the Britten Sinfonia at “Nordland Musikkfestuke”.


Henning Kraggerud


(Photo © Edgar Barany. Some rights reserved)


The Last Leaf - Magnus in Memoriam - Henning Kraggerud
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