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List of compositions

"Tales from the Enchanted Forest"
for Piano Trio and Chamber Orchestra

Commissioned by

Valdres Sommersymfoni


"Tales from the Enchanted Forest" for flexible scoring is composed inspired by the fairytales I have invented as I told them as bedtimes stories to our 3 children, Alma, Hector and Franz from they where less then 2 years old.

In this fantasy world there are good, evil and strange Wizards, talking squirrels, a magical forrest with a king and queen in a gold and silver castle and many small talking magical creatures some of which are helping my children some which are making trouble or just fun.

My children might also have an important role to play later in this world, so I tell them these fairy tales are also preparations for later on.

The musical translation of the first things from this world has been very rewarding for me so I might tell other tales later on. 

Durata: ca. 8min.


Piano Trio and Chamber String Orchestra

"A Little Piece for Peace"
for Violin and Piano

Composed for Nobel Peace Prize 2018

and Laureates Nadia Murad and Dr Denis Mukwege.

Durata: ca. 5min.


Duo with Petter Richter 

"Victimae Paschali"


Victimae Paschali is a song which may be accompanied by piano or quintet/quartet or

by a choir and optional string orchestra.

Durata: ca. 4min


version for choir and orchestra

version for voice and quintet

version for solo string or wind with  Quartet/Quintet

version for voice and piano

for String Quartet

Commissioned by the Brodsky Quartet

Durata: 7,5min


String Quartet

version for Violin and Chamber Orchestra

"Lyric piece"
for Cello Solo

Durata: ca. 4min


cello solo

"Variation Suite"
Duo for Violin and Cello

Theme - Scherzo - Waltz - Pizzicato Jig - Stick Dance.

Durata: ca. 5min


 duo with Johannes Moser

duo with Sandra Lied Haga

"Allegretto in 5/8"
Written for children's orchestra
with optional bass and violas.

Durata: ca. 8min


Valdres Festival 2019

for fleksible scoring

Commissioned by

Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra

and Arctic Philharmonic

Read about the multiverse of "Romantarctica"

and all its scorings her.


Durata: ca. 20min.


Flute, Viola and String orchestra

Chamber version 

Piano Solo version

Violin and Piano version

Trio version

"Ragnarok The Sun’s Daughter"
for Chamber String Orchestra

Durata: ca. 5min


Spotify: Simax Classics

with Christian Kluxen and Arctic Philharmonic 

24 postludes in all keys
for Violin and String Orchestra
(or Violin and Piano)

Music by Henning Kraggerud

Words by Jostein Gaarder


Spotify: Simax Classics

(with Arctic Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra)


"Duo for Violin and Cello

Durata: 6min


duo with Johannes Moser

"Topelius Variations"
for Chamber String Orchestra

This is frequently performed with the fairy tale

"Star Eye" which is set in Northern Finland and Norway.
Text by Z. Topelius. (born in 1818)

Durata: 15min



Spotify: Simax Classics with Arctic Philharmonic

version for String Quintet

"Voyage Douloureux "
for 2 Violas

Durata: ca. 8min


duo with Lise Berthaud

Duo for 2 Violins/Flutes

Durata: ca. 7,5min


violin duo

flute duo

"The Last Leaf "
for Violin and Strings

'The Last Leaf' was originally commissioned by Nordland Musikkfestuke and was premiered by the Britten Sinfonia.


"The last leaf "was inspired by a short story 

of the same name by O. Henry.

"The Last Leaf- Magnus in Memoriam" for violin and strings was written in memory of my cousin

Magnus Rostadmo, a musician and composer

who passed away too soon.


Durata: ca 10min


Violin and String Quintet

"A Royal Celebration"
 Capricco for 2 Violins

Dedicated HM Harald V and HM Sonja

King and Queen of Norway

Durata: 3,5min


duo with Alma Serafin Kraggerud

"Duo i D"
for 2 Violins

Durata: ca. 5min


duo with Alma Serafin Kraggerud

"Til Sara"
Duo for Violin and Viola

Durata: ca. 4,5min


duo with Eivind Holtsmark Ringstad

"Musical Calendar"
Duo for 2 Violins

Durata: ca. 18min


duo with Alma Serafin Kraggerud

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